Oh Canada!

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Wow it has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post on here. I am terrible at these things I always start out with the best intentions of writing at least every couple of days and then get distracted by brand new episodes of project runway (how could I not Tim Gunn is a hero!) 

Thought I would title this blog post about coffee as it seems I have become quite the fan! Most of you who know me know I am a huge tea drinker but unfortunately as Canadian tea doesn’t compare coffee is my new best friend! It has helped too with the job/flat hunting too…I hate to think how many dollars Starbucks has had from my wallet these past few weeks but boy is it delicious! 

Just wanted to give a quick update on how we are and what we are doing. We found a flat in central downtown Vancouver, its an unbelievable location two blocks (I’m using the lingo) from one of the main streets. Its a TWO BEDROOM!!!!!!!!! so you all better come and visit!! We move in on the 1st of November and will be staying in Vancouver till then searching for jobs and exploring the city.

We are really enjoying Vancouver so far. We’ve been walking for at least four hours a day, Vancouver is big! Our new apartment is a five minute walk away from the waterfront and a five minute walk away from a lovely huge park called Stanley Park. We had a really nice walk around stanley park and got excited thinking about autumn, the leaves changing, wrapping up warm and drinking pumpkin spiced lattes. Chris and I also found a cafe where we had the best cheesecake we have ever had…unbelievable. If anyone comes to stay we will treat you to a slice! 

Right well I best be off and search for some more jobs, keep your fingers crossed for us! I am going to try and update this more often I promise!

Loads of love


Some recent cakes I made for Allie and her family! The top and bottom ones are chocolate buttermilk cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting, mini peanut butter cups and crushed salted peanuts. The middle ones are red velvet with a cream cheese frosting and crushed red smarties. YUM if I don’t say so myself! 

Some recent cakes I made for Allie and her family! The top and bottom ones are chocolate buttermilk cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting, mini peanut butter cups and crushed salted peanuts. The middle ones are red velvet with a cream cheese frosting and crushed red smarties. YUM if I don’t say so myself! 

Speed freak Mosley

I hope you enjoy the title of this blog post, it is now my new nickname from Chris due to the fun we had tubing yesterday. We were very kindly invited out for a ride on a speedboat by Ma and Pa’s new bff’s Shirley and Dennis. After an interesting morning where we witnessed my Dad doing some very enthusiastic dancing at their rotary club meeting (if you know my Dad watch this link and be prepared to laugh ALOT…if you don’t know him he’s the crazy fool with the hat and the blue t-shirt) we drove to meet Shirley, Dennis and their lovely speed boat. 


Kelowna is on a fresh water lake called lake Okanagan and it is beautiful. The water was lovely and calm and the sun was scorching hot, a perfect day for boating! Chris and I got to sit at the front of the boat, the first class area…we felt very special. 


When the boat is speeding along the front raises up and you feel like you are flying, check out Chris holding my arm for dear life!

This is Shirley : 

And this is Dennis:

My new goal in life is to have my own boat so we can go out all the time, we LOVED it. It really was SO much fun and the views were unbelievable. The lake is so huge that we had a lot of space to do a few sharp turns and get the boat up to some great speeds. As it was so hot we decided to take a dip in the water which at first was so cold it took our breath away for about 5 seconds. It was quite funny watching each person jump in and waiting for their reaction. We quickly warmed up though and splashed around enjoying the clear water. Mum was relaxing on the inflatable enjoying the sun so we decided as she was up there already she might as well be the first to try it out! Tubing is where you hold on for dear life to these two orange hooks at the top of the inflatable, hoping you won’t fall off whilst being pulled along by the speed boat. Mum did really well and so did Dad as Shirley went easy on them and drove the boat steadily so they would have an easy ride.

Chris and I on the other hand got the thrill extreme speed freak treatment (which I LOVED, Chris not so much lol). Chris fell off once and I fell off twice, apparently I was on for ages and Shirley and Dennis were really impressed and said I had the best “run” on it that they had ever seen. Every muscle in my body aches today but I am very proud hence the new nickname from Chris…speed freak Mosley. An amazing day with brilliant people.  

and relax….

Wow it is hot in Kelowna. I don’t want to rub it in or anything but holy moly it is scorching! We have been having a really nice relaxed time and have been spoilt rotten by Mama and Papa. I am really enjoying the novelty of how big everything is here, when we went to Costco I was running around like a kid in a candy shop commenting on everything…peanut butter jars the size of your head, crisps the size of my torso (you’ve seen the evidence!) I have a feeling my belly will be quickly expanding too, better start learning to play hockey or something! We have been going on a few nice walks and been to a few beer and wine tastings (yum).

Chris and I are going back to Vancouver on the 22nd of September to knuckle down and get an apartment and a job! We have some nice things to do before then, catching up with old and new friends, pool parties, bbq’s, a boat party, kayaking, staying in a cabin and hopefully an IHOP of two (IHOP = international house of pancakes). I am feeling very lucky :-) xxx

Excuse the mental face….LOOK HOW BIG THESE CRISPS ARE!?!?!!!

Excuse the mental face….LOOK HOW BIG THESE CRISPS ARE!?!?!!!

Zombies and Cupcakes

Good morning! Its another beautiful day here in Vancouver. Yesterday was so hot my poor Mama had to take shelter under a tree to avoid being burnt! We had a great day that started off with a walk along the riverside by our hotel, lots of residents of the area were having a ‘market stall’ morning where they had all set up stalls to sell there unwanted stuff (most of it utter rubbish…purple fluffy cowboy hats and dog slippers etc). There were a few stages set up too with some very strange “bands” playing…I’m talking total Dad rock and strange couples with a keyboard and matching outfits…a very interesting way to start the morning.

We took the sky train into downtown Vancouver and headed to milestones (one of mine and Chris’s favourite Canadian restaurants its a chain but SUPER tasty) for some brunch/lunch. After munching on some huge meals we made a detour to the cupcake shop to pick up some frosted delights for later…unlike me I forgot to take some photos of them but you can check them out on the website….SO GOOD.


Chris and I wanted to check out the art museum so we split up from Ma and Pa for a few hours and took in some Canadian art. The exhibits were really interesting, there was a huge room filled with a mirror maze that confused us for a while and some brilliant light installations. Once we had spent a good few hours at the museum we decided to check out Granville Street and the Pacific Centre (two great shopping places). On our walk down we kept seeing people with strange make up, lots of fake blood and some rather gruesome costumes…turns out we had found ourselves in the middle of a ZOMBIE MARCH! Apparently every year on the 20th of August people gather in central Vancouver and walk through the streets dressed up and acting like zombies. It was brilliant to watch and some of the outfits were amazing. Here are a few photos courtesy of Max Mosley!! : 

After the excitement of the Zombie walk we decided it was about time for a few beers (we are technically on holiday for the first few days after all!) and spent the rest of the evening chatting, eating and being amused by loud Canadians possibly on a staff night out. Brilliant.
Hope you are all great. 
Loads of love E XXXXX

We have arrived!

Good morning everyone and hello from Canada! It is 6.47am here and we have done pretty well to sleep through, lets hope we will avoid nasty jet lag! I have been awful at keeping up this blog recently but we have been SO busy it is unbelievable. Before Chris and I left apart from making sure we spent as much time possible with our lovely friends and family we had to move out and completely remove everything from the flat. On top of this we had to condense our lives into 30kg’s…stressful! (Thank you Martine and your hot tub for keeping us sane!) It is still very hard to believe that we are here after months of planning, the time has just flown by!

We had a good flight, it took 10 hours to get from Gatwick to Vancouver and most of those hours were quite enjoyable, the others were not so pleasant caused by two snotty little children and a man who kept leaning a little too closely over C and me to take photos out the window (can’t really blame him though)….

We watched a bad Adam Sandler film, took advantage of the free booze and ate some questionable sausage & mash (veg and rice for C!). When we arrived in Vancouver we had to go through immigration separately. I have a permanent residents card so skipped the huge queues, scanned my card and strolled through to baggage reclaim. Chris had to go through to the ‘new immigrant’ section to get his visa application confirmed and pick up the bit of paper that enables him to work and live here. We knew he would take longer so I picked up the bags and strolled through to arrivals. I spotted Mum and Dad straight away and laughed when I saw them roll open their sign…………

A lot of the crowd waiting for their nearest and dearest were quite amused as it was by far the biggest welcome! There were two large television screens that showed who was about to come through the doors into arrivals and an hour and a half later and a few Chris look a likes we finally spotted him. Mum and Dad ran up to pull out the sign again and I waited coffee in hand glad that he had got through immigration in one piece! 

By the time we had got ourselves together it was about 2.00pm Vancouver time so in order to be productive and keep ourselves awake we dropped our bags off at the car and headed straight into Vancouver city. Chris had to apply for a social security number so we took the sky train down town to get it sorted for him. The weather in Vancouver is beautiful at the moment and it was great to see the city again. We sorted the SS number super quickly and then decided best thing to do would be to check into the hotel, shower, enjoy some Canadian beer and as Max Mosley would say eat some ‘GRUB’. The hotel we are staying in is called the Inn at the Quay in New Westminster (http://www.innatwestminsterquay.com/ if anyone is interested) It is very nice and we have a lovely view of the river. We had a toast in the hotel room with some lovely champagne from Kelowna (even Chris who is not a champagne fan loved it) and headed out for some HUGE burgers and even bigger nachos, Chris tackled those cheesy beasts and WON! (with a little help from us). At about 9.30pm Canada time Chris and I were ready to catch up on some zzzz’s…we had been awake for 26 hours and as soon as our heads touched the pillows we were out for the count! 

It is now 7.46am (I know I know its taken me ages to write this I’ve been pottering around making a coffee brew etc) so soon it will be time to wake up Mama and Papa and head back into the city centre to hopefully treat ourselves to a bit of retail therapy! Will let you know what we get up to and will take some photos to document too!! 

Love you all lots, hope you’ve enjoyed reading…sorry if it doesn’t make sense don’t think my brain has quite caught up yet!


New country new hair! Less than two weeks to go! EEEK XX

New country new hair! Less than two weeks to go! EEEK XX


Ellie is moving to Canada in two weeks :-(
I will miss her sooooooo much!



Ellie is moving to Canada in two weeks :-(

I will miss her sooooooo much!


Seats!…29 days

Wow, time is flying and tomorrow it will be exactly four weeks till we are flying! It is funny to think that soon we will be sipping on JD and diet coke (my traditional on flight drink) on our way to Vancouver. We pre booked our seats the other day…in the yellow section, fancy! :-)